08 August 2011

Storm cloud

Photo taken in Taber, Canada, last month by Pat Kavanagh.  Created by stitching several photos vertically.  Found in the Telegraph.


  1. Huh... Taber is just a little hamlet outside of my city here, not fifteen minutes away.

    I should pay more attention to the sky.

  2. Love watching clouds. It's amazing what you see

  3. What does that mean....stitching photos vertically? I get that it means there were more photos and they were combined, but what did the originals look like?

  4. The originals would have looked the same - probably one of the houses and rainbow, and one of the cloud above it. He may have needed to use different f-stops or exposure times for the two shots, because the house is relatively bright and the cloud rather dark.

    Then they would have been digitally connected - the same way you can create a panorama by moving the camera sideways and then blending the images.


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