22 August 2011

A Spanish "can of worms"

"...it's baby eels in garlic oil. Except it's fake baby eels - producto de la pesca transformado - it's a surimi product (like crab sticks) - white fish processed with egg and milk protein - in this case, into little wormy shapes..."
More pix and text at Atomic Shrimp, with a hat tip to Amy.


  1. Mmmm...horrible looking beansprouts from hell.

  2. these are called 'gulas' and are a substitute for 'angulas' , baby 'anguilas' or baby-eels. They are a real delicacy of spanish classic cuisine. Angulas have allways been very expensive and luxury, unaffordable to most people. That's why they invented these 'gulas. To find out whether you're eating gulas or the real thing: baby eels have eyes, two little black spots, the fake ones don't. thanks for your very interesting, informing and entertaining blog!


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