06 August 2011

Targeting of civilians. Sympathy for al Qaeda.

Results of a recent Gallup poll of Americans.  Another interesting set of numbers from the same source:
Some discussion re sampling methodology at the Gallup site, which has links to further details.

Via The Dish.


  1. If you turn the television on, you will see THEY being called extremists.

  2. This does not speak well for Christians, does it? Atheists and Muslims seem to be much more "Christian", with Jews right behind.

  3. I wonder why "depends" is such an unpopular answer. "Depends" seems essentially identical to "sometimes" except it implies more discretion. It mostly just seems like splitting hairs, though. Or is it a middle ground between the two extremes? "Sometimes the military should kill civilians, but other times it should never kill civilians." I would have gone with "always" as a third option in any case.

  4. Yeah, but there is only one religious group driving car bombs into crowded markets on a monthly basis in the name of God.

  5. Can we kill hostages to get to the hostage takers if they have killed?

  6. Anon:
    Only one religious group? I'm assuming you're referring to Muslims, and Muslims only,while dismissing the likes of McVeigh, Brevik, and Eric Rudolph as lone wolves.
    Please correct me if my assumption is off base.

  7. As an Atheist, I naturally have a feeling of superiority over believers. This just affirms that feeling. If that offends any believers, I'm OK with that. It's just a result of living in America, I suppose.

  8. @ shibori78

    I ask you to read down the wikipedia list of terrorist attacks. See where and by whom the majority off these attacks are happening.

    Also McVeigh was not acting on religious ground, and Brevik, while he did promote Christianity, was an athiest himself, or so his manifesto claims

    Muslims have killed as many people last month as any "other" terrorist have put together in the last 20 years.

    Most people don't realize the size of the Muslim on Muslim Jihad because the media has grown tired

  9. Does that mean that 8% of US Muslims believe that they are sympathetic to al Qaeda? That's pretty worrying.

  10. @Anon

    And are you absolutely certain all these terrorist attacks are based on religious grounds?

    Seems to me that when your entire country is caught up in a never-ending war for 80 years, the religion is just that bit extra that makes them feel better.

    Take out the religion, like you are happily doing with McVeigh, and they are just trying to kick back at all the superpowers that have been destroying their countries for near a century. Near a millenia if you want to track back through all the history.

    'Freedom Fighter' and 'Terrorist' all depends on what side you are on, and everyone is so worked up and scared so the maniacs in power have taken that to heart to help you really get on the "FEAR/HATE/KILL THE BROWN PEOPLE" rhetoric they so want you to have.

    Yeah, Muslims blow up a lot of stuff. notice that their countries have been fighting off every white bastard on the planet for a thousand years. You might expect them to be a bit edgy and angry.

    Notice that anti-abortion people are exactly the damn same, right down to the bombs, murder, and fanatical religion.

  11. As much as I believe that this is the truth, scientifically, this poll is flawed and bias as it was conducted by via Muslim American polls. It is deemed an unfair bias to conduct a poll which would effect the favorability of one's own organization.


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