11 August 2011

"Portrait of a young girl"

Portrait of a Young Girl. Adriaen van der Linde.

Posted because I'm curious what the object is she's holding in her right hand.  It might be a toy of some kind, but it appears to be tied around her waist.

Addendum:  Reader xcentric came up with the identity of the item in her hand.  It's a baby rattle/teething toy which is thoroughly explained at the link (a post I wrote (!) for Neatorama last year.)

Image found at Marinni, via Uncertain Times.


  1. super medieval pacifier of pain :P obviously.

  2. It's one of these:

    I'm surprised you didn't recognize it, as you were the one to post it on neatorama.

  3. At first glance it looked like she was pumping some Gasoline.
    (Not in Oregon or New Jersey)
    Oh it's a teething toy.

  4. xcentric, you're absolutely right! And that explains why the image was included in the post at Marinni, the subject of which was things made from coral.

    I'm only slightly embarassed to have forgotten it, because I often forget things after posting them.

  5. Geez, she bears a startling resemblance to my granddaughter when she was that size!

    I vote for the rattle/teether.

  6. I believe it's a knife used for picking cherries.

  7. In the other thread...I don't get why a commenter would thing it was the os penis of a lemur. I've never seen any bone that was anything other than...well...bone-colored.

    I look pretty much everything up, but I couldn't find a lemur's os penis. Here's one from a loris instead.


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