17 July 2011

What if you showed a movie, and nobody came?

As reported by Conor Friedersdorf at The Atlantic:
When the clock struck 12:01 am today, AMC theaters in select cities were permitted to start showing "The Undefeated," a feature length documentary about Sarah Palin... In the parking lot of The Block, an outdoor mall in the City of Orange, I worried that arriving 45 minutes early was cutting it too close... But inside, the theater was empty. I sat there alone for 20 minutes, at which point an usher stuck his head in the door, gave me a quizzical smile, and said, "How come you're not watching Harry Potter?"...

[Two girls walk in and sit down]. I thought maybe I'd talk to them after the movie, and get the perspective of two people who went in with no expectations. But they only lasted 20 minutes before walking out. After that, it is strictly accurate to say that the theater was empty, except for me.


  1. I despise SP as much as anyone, but the second bold section is very much selective quoting.

  2. ??why?? Because I didn't include the comment about the couple who came into the theater to make out, ignored the movie, and left?


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