10 July 2011

Blogger behaving curiously today

For reasons I don't understand, the headers for some of the posts written today [obesity, politician, head up] do not go to the post itself, but to one of the links in the text.  I've checked the html and it appears today.  I hope this is a glitch at the host, because with no "permalink", these posts will at least temporarily be unlinkable.


Addendum:  Found a similar complaint discussed at the Blogger help forum.  I'm working on this.

Update:  I think this is happening because I sent these links to myself using the "Blog This!" feature.  But I'm not sure how to fix it.  I'll work on it tomorrow.


  1. I wonder if that is what's been happening to my posts too. How would I check?

  2. Guni, either hover your cursor over the post title and see what shows in the status bar at the bottom of your screen (if you have the status bar visible). Or else, from your main blog page just click on the title of a post and see if it takes you to that post or to some other link.

    p.s. - I just checked the posts on the front page of your bird blog, and the title links seem o.k.


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