22 July 2011

Department of Defense spending during my lifetime

This graph is better than most because the data used are expressed in inflation-adjusted dollars
Lacking in requisite political direction and without the internal tools (or will) to prioritize, DoD lumbers along, occasionally forced to defend its total spending against other discretionary outlays, but never really having to defend how it allocates what it spends internally.  Adding to the dysfunction is the sorry state of our political system, in which one party's adult leadership (the Democrats) is terrified to take on DoD for fear of looking weak, and the other party's adult leadership (the Republicans) is unable to apply its flinty aversion to government growth to national security apparatus of the country.
More at Information Dissemination, via The Dish.


  1. This is an interesting and useful chart, but unless there is some important information missing, that horizontal line can't be average spending. It looks more like a floor. At any rate, it strikingly illustrates the illusion of the "peace dividend."

  2. You're quite right; the peaks above the line are greater than the one valley below it. ??

  3. http://www.benzinga.com/news/11/07/1789905/forget-anonymous-evidence-suggests-gop-hacked-stole-2004-election#ixzz1Ssy99Dmv


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