20 July 2011

James Cagney's Bottom

From 1935.

Photo via tout ceci est magnifique.


  1. [link because <img> tags are not accepted]

    More recently: Michelle Pfeiffer as Queen Titania and Kevin Kline
    as Nick Bottom in the 1999 film.

  2. I Love James Cagney. Discovering Yankee Doodle Dandy made me search zealously for his non-gangster films, and his capability to pull off what he did always makes me swoon. He's like a pack of firecrackers going off on the screen all at once.

  3. Have you seen him in City for Conquest? It is one of my favorite movies with Cagney and really shows his versatility as well as a softer side that he really played so well. Ann Sheridan and Anthony Quinn are also in as well as Arthur Kennedy. An excellent movie. I also have the movie in which he played Bottom. A very fun movie. I love both of these movies.


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