31 July 2011

Fourteen posts at Neatorama

I've had to delete the adjective "recent" because my productivity has slowed down so much that all of these are several months old.  But they are still interesting...

There are a variety of ways to define what constitutes "Europe."  Eight different ways of doing so are organized into one Euler diagram.

If you travel with a zippered suitcase, you need to view this video.  Everyone knows they can be easily cut open, but this video shows they can be unzippered and rezippered closed, with the lock still in place.

A two-minute video shows the streets of Belfast in 1901.

Reindeer racing is a winter pastime in Finland.  The humans don't sit atop the animal, but rather get pulled along on skis.

Yet another video.  In this one two babies talk to one another.  Cute, but also interesting re the development of human language.  (not a commercial for E-Trade, btw).

Despite rumors to the contrary, Samsung's laptops do NOT harbor keyloggers.

What can a library do with its old, no-longer-necessary, card catalogue.  Here is one answer.

I can't explain "spiderboarding" in one sentence.  Details at the link.

A fly-catcher and a frog purse.  That is all.

There is a good reason why golf balls are sometimes made using lobster shells.

What scientists do to Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Plushies shaped like statistical distributions

Grossmünster Cathedral has "stained glass" windows that are actually thin slices of agates.

Bo-taoshi is a Japanese capture-the-flag game.

Photo - I photographed this Eyed Brown (Satyrodes eurydice eurydice) in its classic habitat - the margins of a wet meadow - on the Fourth of July during a field trip to Swamp Lovers' Preserve near Cross Plains, Wisconsin.

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  1. You may already know this - the Reindeer racing is properly called skijoring. It's most traditionally done with dogs or horses providing the lift, and is a lovely way to cover ground without needing a sled, but there are lots of other versions too.

    The craziest variant I've ever seen is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SORYzaBLTI Imagine a normal show jumper round, with ramps propped up on the jumps to allow a rollerblader in tow to make it over the course as well.


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