10 July 2011

Proposed rule for sexual consent

Tongue-in-cheek, but with an element of truth:
New rule: if you want to have sex with a person who’s been drinking, you have to let them drive you around the block first.
If you think they’re sober enough to give consent, then surely they’re sober enough to drive a car.

Found at Dion, the Socialist, via Suddenly.


  1. Cute, but of course not actually true. Typically, when people are over the legal limit of 0.08 or 0.10, they're still well within the legal limit for consent.

    Too drunk to give consent is like falling over yourself, not quite totally conscious, not able to clearly and enthusiastically express that she is consenting, etc. Too drunk to drive is basically at the point when you feel tipsy.

  2. I think this was meant as a good rule of thumb rather than the letter of the law. This way, there are no questions.

  3. I'd think the amount of alcohol you need to ingest before you agree to have sex with people you normally wouldn't is somewhat lower than that you need not to be able to drive at all.

    So I think following this rule will lead you to have much more sex than accidents.


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