30 July 2011

Maybe people should be more like baby capybaras

I thought I'd share an anecdote I heard on the radio yesterday.  I was listening to WORT when one of the hosts on the "Mel and Floyd" program mentioned that his daughter Melvina's favorite animals at the zoo were the baby capybaras.

She said the cutest thing about baby capybaras was that they have giant eyes and they can look right into your soul.

The adult replied "I don't think I want it looking into MY soul."

She thinks for a moment and says, "They look into your soul, but they don't JUDGE."


Photo credit Melanie Typaldos


  1. i always thought capybaras looked very stern.

    but yes, the little girl's description is pretty accurate, i think. as long as you give them popsicles, they don't worry about your morals.

  2. Just stir the pot a little...
    "They look into your soul, but they don't JUDGE." So they are just tourists? Always problematic when you assign human characteristics to an animal.

  3. I was listening to that, too. It's pretty rare that Melvina talks. I liked her bit about the popsicles at the zoo, too. :)


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