17 July 2011

Most popular names in Europe

Data from Wikipedia, graphed by Alphadesigner (male) (female).
The information is compiled from various sources and different years, some of it represents the entire population at the time and some only the newborn in the specific year. There seems to be no data about Montenegro, Albania and Cyprus, while other countries are extensively covered, for example Belgium is cut in all its glorious regions....

As many of you know, I am not trying to be scientifically accurate in my maps, that’s not the point of my project... There are many surprising things on this map but the most intriguing are the cases in which one name is the most popular in more than one country. I tried to emphasize those groups, assigning to each one similar color shades.


  1. A little mistake (I think, I'm french): it should be Lucas with a S for France :) Great job sir!

  2. Hah, England makes me laugh.

    "What shall we name our twins?"
    "Oliver and... Ahh... Olivia?"

  3. As I commented in authors blog.

    Really interesting information, but not correct about Latvia as well.
    In Latvia most popular male name is Jānis (similar to Jonas in Lithuania) Roberts has been trendy name after 2000, but still according to census data ( http://www.pmlp.gov.lv/lv/statistika/personvardu.html ) there are 57681 Jānis and only 7732 Roberts.
    And most popular female name is Anna 25387 vs Sofija 3118 ;)

  4. In all my 42 years living in Germany I have not once met a man called Leon or ever heard of one.


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