18 July 2011

Anne-Sophie Mutter

I have heard this lady play the violin numerous times on the radio while driving, but had not seen her photo until I encountered this one today at Lushlight.

For the audio component of the post, there were many concert performances to choose from on YouTube, but I think this documentary clip from Deutsche Grammophone is more informative (auf Deutsch hier):

p.s. - there is superb resolution on the video; if you're going to watch it, click on the full-screen icon.


  1. I love musicians whose performance goes far beyond the sound of the instrument and simply becomes the music - something more approaching a pure voice than any particular instrument. These two are excellent examples. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  2. I've known that her playing was lovely, now . . . . The photography is luxurious as promised. Thanks for posting this one!

  3. Saw her in Chicago a decade ago. Great.


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