17 July 2011

Fibonacci construction of the Apple logo

Via Proof Math is Beautiful.


  1. I am a graphic designer, and love thoughtful logo design. Apple definitely has some powerful branding; here is another example: http://stam-design-stam.blogspot.com/2011/06/law-of-beauty-hidden-behind-icloud-icon.html

  2. We can find the golden ratio in all Apple's products. Since the hardware of the Macs and iGadgets until the interface design of the iOS system, the web site. Everything. It's a great branding.

    Take a look at these studies I made beyond that you posted at www.gold3nratio.tumblr.com

  3. The 1,2,3,5, and 13 circles, and even the spirals overlaying the Apple are inapposite. The only circle that shows any relevance to the logos structure is the one of diameter 8.

  4. Totally forced and unconvincing. As someone already noted, the circle labeled as "8" is the only one that is really present in the design (which also means that assigning it the diameter of 8 is a purely arbitrary choice). Everything else is simply pulled out of someone's ear.

  5. agreed. The fibonacci spiral looks like it was adjusted to make this drawing more convincing. The "1" circles don't have half the diameter of the "2" circle. That implies that the "2" is too small, since 1+2 = 3 here, but 1+1 ≠ 2. By extension, all of the circle ratios are incorrect.

    1. They labeled the number 2 as 1, so yeah, the number 1 isn't half of 2, because they're 2 and 3 respectively. Look at the blank spaces in the middle, that's where the two "ones" should've been.

  6. try to compare with samsung logo, just a missing strip "A"
    super simplicity vs super sophistication

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