18 July 2011

British media depicted on an x-y plot

Chart and text excerpt from an article at The Atlantic:
With the aim of helping you to find a reliable source -- or at least know what you're getting into when you pick up a British paper -- we've created the graphic displayed below. On the grid, all 23 of Great Britain's major newspapers are roughly graphed based on where they fall on a political spectrum and where they fall on the divide between tabloids and broadsheets. Those outlined in red are owned by News International, a division of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation...

Still, it's hard to differentiate one British tabloid from another. There are many to choose from, but they are just one of three major groups that U.K. newspapers are often lumped into.In addition to the mass-market tabloids (found at the bottom of the graphic displayed above), there are mid-market tabloids and quality broadsheets. The mid-market tabloids are less sensational, have smaller audiences and primarily cater to affluent women. The quality broadsheets, named for the large-format paper they were once printed on, are the most recognized overseas...
Via The Centered Librarian.


  1. They've woefully misplaced the "Daily Mail" as a centrist newspaper -- it's practically a sequence of love sonnets to Thatcherism.

  2. As a Brit, the use of the word Liberal strikes me as odd. The Mirror and the Morning Star are associated with the Labour and Communist Parties respectively and so are left-wing, but that's not what 'liberal' means in the UK.

    And don't be fooled by the position of the Mail or Express here. They are both very conservative and both terrible. The Express doesn't live in the same universe as the FT.

  3. Where's the Evening Standard, my tab of choice? (I read the Independent and the Guardian in the morning).

  4. Yeah "Daily Mail" is a joke/travesty. Kinda like NY Post/Fox News/Washington Times rolled into one.

    They were the ones that recently blamed a branch falling and killing a child on striking teachers. Also Muslims are taking over all of England....



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