06 April 2012

Giant cactus. And Stevie Nicks.

Photo via Reddit, where ptbus0 identifies it as Pachycereus weberi and offers another impressive photo.

For the connection of this cactus to Stevie Nicks, see my post in January about fasciation and white winged doves, which includes a video during which she tells the story of the white winged doves and the death of John Lennon.

And here's the song.  In two parts.  Set your loudness to 11!


p.s. - "Edge of Seventeen" is a mondegreen arising from her hearing Tom Petty's wife pronounce "age of seventeen."

Originally posted in 2011.


  1. Minnesotastan, I just figured out why you love Stevie Nicks so much. It's because she wears those swoopy costumes that look like butterfly wings, isn't it?

  2. Now I need to get some more Fleetwood Mac or some Stevie Nicks albums. What a kitten she is. Sings good, too. My 400 Watt THX speaker system is almost bouncing the keyboard off of the desk.
    Look and listen to her now. She is 63 years old(how can that be!?) and hot as ever.

  3. Hahaha - I used to think she was singing about the "one-winged dove" and I pictured a rather graceless flight.

  4. For extra fun, play the girl doing the Melb shuffle muted - the beats are almost in sync :-)

  5. I am 40 years old and I've always loved this song but I too thought is was a sad song from a bird with only one wing....
    just shoot me - I've sang this out loud while driving with the top down...

  6. Music aside, this is not a saguaro. It is a member of a totally different genus and its domain is also different being more southernly than the saguaros. A big difference is that the arms branch out closer to the ground.

    1. You're right - I was using the word too loosely. Title changed to "cactus." Tx for the heads-up.

  7. Another impressive photo of a Giant Cardon:


    Possibly this is the same individual because the immense size is unusual.


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