20 October 2009

UK Scrabble Championship - the final board

This was the board in the final game of the best-of-five match for the 38th National Scrabble Championship in London this week.


  1. Look them up!?! Ha! I use most of those words every day! Furthermore, I'm sure that I could get all of them in a game if I could only get anything but Qs, Xs and Zs.

    Well, I did recognize a few of those words anyway.

  2. I’d love to see a scrabble game where you are only allowed to use common every day English words, like you’d find in a novel – then see how smart these twerps are.
    Meantime, oribi vav zoeal clied qi ar laoestral tid seif lazo han ou!
    BTW, my spell checker had marked all those words as not in the regular dictionary…
    I think the scrabble dictionary was written by a dyslexic nerd who didn’t know any normal words, so he invented words as he went along to suit his tiles and then gave them a meaning.
    Here’s one from me, ‘scrabnerd’ – I bet you can guess the meaning.
    It’s a great word, and even has two meanings.
    1/ One who writes a scrabble dictionary
    2/ One who uses a scrabble dictionary
    I rest my case.
    The antiscrabnerd.

  3. As a Scrabble nerd, all I can say in response is that one might actually try reading a dictionary at some point in life (or even just 10 consecutive pages), to get some perspective on how strange words can be.

    And a spellchecker will never be as comprehensive as even a basic abridged dictionary, so using one as a reference is problematic at best.

  4. Scrabble nerds are always welcome at TYWKIWDBI -



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