22 October 2009

Award-winning medical photography

Embedded above are four selections from a group of 19 recipients of the Wellcome Image Awards for 2009:

Top: Colorized SEM of synthetic drug coated with polymers. Credit Annie Cavanagh and Dave McCarthy.

Second: Cross-section of small intestinal villi, created by "multiphoton microscopy," which uses lasers to examine thick tissue. Credit Paul Appleton.

Third: Capillaries in an ox eye ciliary body, on a histology slide prepared in the 1890s! The sample had been injected with a carmine dye before fixation. Credit Spike Walker.

Bottom: Sickled RBC in front of a normal one (again a colorized SEM). It certainly shows why sicklers have such problems with impaired microcirculation. Credit Jackie Lewin.

BTW, the Wellcome Trust websites are an OUTSTANDING source for images related to the health professions and health sciences. Kudos to this company for assembling such a wonderful resource online.

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