26 October 2009

Sarah Palin's Going Rogue is on clearance - 70% off

The above is a screenshot I took moments ago at Amazon.com. Note the book is not scheduled to be released until mid-November.

Hat tip to Newsweek.


  1. Walmart and Amazon are locked in a battle. They each designated 10 or so new releases that they will mark for dramatic reductions for the holiday season. Its not just that Palin's book is being targeted.

  2. Troy's right, it's not on clearance; it's a marketing gimmick. As Troy says, Amazon and Wal-Mart are having a price war.

    In fact, the $9 price is a sign Amazon expects the book to be a big seller.

  3. Well, if it gets down to a dollar, I'll buy one just for the laughs.

  4. Well, if it's not a clearance of excess inventory, then consider my post a PSA for all the Sarah Palin fans who read this blog to alert them to where they can buy the book cheaply, thus saving $$ that they can donate to her future campaigns.

  5. If it gets to a dollar, it might be good for a doorstop.

  6. Actually, it is listed the third most popular item in books on Amazon. See:


    even though it isn't due to be released until November 17th.

    Look. I understand that people can like or not like someone's politics but it is positively weird to watch people gunning for her failure and humiliation.

    Somehow the mention of "Sarah Palin" turns otherwise normal women, and some men, into catty high school girls.

  7. Deana, you're absolutely right. The same can be said about the individuals who are avidly watching and hoping for Barak Obama's failure.


  8. Palin is an intellectual dullard and most of the advance sales of her book can be accredited to that which does the same for most right-wing writers: purchases by right-wing think tanks and organizations that buy them and give them out for free to artificially inflate their numbers.

    Don't believe me? Do some research.

  9. Trust me, none of the bankers I have seen are gonna look that good naked.
    Some were not all that pleasant to view fully clothed.
    I am heartily in favor of eternal damnation for the bankers but YOWSA it aint gonna be pretty for folks in hell!

  10. CCL -

    I completely agree.

    The only difference is that Sarah Palin is now a private citizen who simply writes opinions on issues of the day, unlike Barack Obama who is the President and has significant power over what does, and does not, happen to you, me, and everyone else in this country.


  11. Yep, Sarah's now a private citizen who can't do appreciable harm or good to Alaska anymore. The only difference from when she was governor of Alaska is that she can't do them any more harm, anymore. She was a lying sack of narcissism when she was governor, and she still is.


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