27 October 2009

The bog boardwalk and gazebo in my back yard

Those of us who live in the Upper Midwest relish "Indian Summer" days - the occasional days of sunny, unusually warm weather after the first frost. We had a killing frost several weeks ago - losing a lot of our colorful foliage in the process. But today it's mid-50s, cloudless deep blue sky, refreshing light breezes. These are the times for final outdoor chores putting gardens to sleep, cleaning leaves from gutters, and for taking long walks. I'll be blogging a bit less than usual for the next several days if this weather holds.

I took the photo at the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. Not technically my own personal back yard, but since it's less than 10 minutes from home, it amounts to the same thing...


  1. Perhaps that is one of the differences between the upper midwest and the middle midwest. As a kid in Indiana the Indian Summer days were when it got up to 70 after a frost... 50 is Minnesota/Wisconsin temperature!

  2. as a kid in Georgia the Winter was an extended Indian Summer, with an occasional ice storm, most days walking to school were coat weather in the morning, and carry the coat home after school, those were the days... Cincinnati, has had a bit of an Indian Summer this year, but the cold is coming and I hate cold weather. It does make you to appreciate the warm though.(see my post titled Fall, beautiful tree)

  3. I was here last Sunday. The forest of gold created by the Maple trees was amazing!

  4. It's photos like this that make me hate fall in Southern California even more.... (I'm really a Buckeye)


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