31 October 2009

Opening soon - the famous Northwest Passage

The photos above are from 1979 and 2003. Generations of European navigators tried unsuccessfully to find the fabled passage to Asia above North America. It may well have been open to sailors in prehistory; it's open now to icebreakers, and perhaps transiently for cargo vessels in the summer. Soon it may be freely navigable.



  1. "photographs"
    Looks like CGI to me.

    "...the sun’s rays are being reflected from the ice to 80-90%. However, when the sun’s rays hit water, their energy is absorbed by about 80%, and the water heats up."
    The sun hits the water at an Angle.
    I don't believe that 80% of the energy is absorbed at those latitudes.
    Of course if you question any of this propaganda, it makes you a flat Earther.

  2. When you question the general consensus of the vast majority of the world's scientists you indeed to come off like a flat Earther.

  3. Rush, Beck and FOX assure us global warming is absolute leftist propaganda. But I suppose "the vast majority of the world's scientists" know better.

    Yeah, and I suppose the world aint six thousand years old either...

  4. I don't think All of the "Global Climate change" is leftist propaganda.
    I'm not so sure about that linked article though.
    What gets me is how no matter what, it's always bad news.
    Won't we get more crops in Canada?

  5. The Northwest Passage is an inland waterway in Canada. Of course the US considers it an International Waterway they are free to exploit. The US can't even agree on boundaries with Canada. Follow the $$$.


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