22 October 2009

Is rape is a pre-existing condition??

After experiencing date rape, a young woman sought medical care and was prescribed anti-AIDS medication...
But months later, when she lost her health insurance and sought new coverage, she ran into a problem.

Turner, 45, who used to be a health insurance underwriter herself, said the insurance companies examined her health records. Even after she explained the assault, the insurers would not sell her a policy because the HIV medication raised too many health questions. They told her they might reconsider in three or more years if she could prove that she was still AIDS-free...

Turner, now a life and casualty insurance agent, said she went without health coverage for three years after the attack. She second-guesses her decision to take the HIV drugs. "I'm going to be penalized my whole life because of this," she said.

More details at Huffington Post, where there is also discussion of the impact re PTSD and mental health rx for rape victims.

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