28 October 2009

Children's cereals ranked for nutrition

"A food scoring 62 or greater is defined as a healthy product."

I discover my favorite cereal is listed as a "children's cereal," and scores only 48...

Found at The Consumerist, where there are links to additional articlees.


  1. Minnesotastan, do you remember that back in the day, cereals weren't made with sugar? You had to put your own sugar on (so Mom could keep an eye on how much you were using, or she did it for you).

    There are very few cereals I can eat these days because they're all so sickeningly sweet. I like Cascadian Farms Multi-Grain; it's like Chex, little woven squares, very crunchy, and has less sugar than most (sugar is the fourth ingredient on the label after three kinds of grains).

    If I'm in the mood for sweet in the morning, I just eat the cereal with a sliced banana or raisins.

  2. Hey, Minnesotastan, just a head's up (no pun intended)another foot has been found in BC, in Richmond. I know you've been blogging about the feet

  3. my fav- capt crunch, is only 37 no wonder I'm so messed up

  4. @Anonymous - I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip!


  5. Swift, I grew up with Malt-O-Meal and nonsugary Cheerios. As I understand it, a child can layer on spoonfuls of sugar to cereal and still have less sugar than the sugary ones currently on the market.

  6. I still prefer and was raised on plain Cheerios. I am kind of surprised to see them in the non-healthy range. I wonder what is keeping them back?

  7. Lucky Charms was my favorite as a kid,it's only at 36.

    So much advertising that Cheerios was good for you,tsk tsk. I also thought Raisin Bran was healthy but I guess not.

    @Swift Loris: My mom used to do that with her cereal but I think it was mostly because she has a sweet tooth and maybe she wanted more sugar,I can't remember.

  8. I'm not sure I'd call most Kashi cereals "children's."

  9. I'm so glad more parents are actually starting to care what they put inside their children.
    Keep up the good work.


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