20 October 2009

Dress, with...um... holes in it...

Dress created by Amsterdam-based designers Viktor & Rolf. I'll defer any commentary...

Via Illusion 360.


  1. I like this blog when it's about animals and science and stuff, but I don't see the point of the negative posts about modern art and fashion. No-one is forcing you to like this stuff. If other people do, what's the harm in it?

  2. I didn't say I didn't like the dress, fredo. Nor did I put give it a "whiskey tango foxtrot" label - just "art" and "fashion." I have in the past been critical of what I thought was silly posturing or pompous behaviour, but in this case I just thought the dress was... interesting.

  3. The skill required to get fabric to behave like this is amazing. There are more examples in the rest of the collection that are equally impressive.

    It was one of the most technically and visually impressive collections of the season.


  4. I typically agree with you on how ridiculous fashion is, but this time I have to agree with Jessica. It is pretty impressive to get that material to stay in place to make a clean hole but still look natural. Do I expect to ever see anyone on the street wearing that? No. That's what I don't get about fashion. It seems like such a fruitless exercise. Concept cars are built and elements of the concept are used and sometimes the whole concept. Experimental aircraft are built and utilized in the same way. In "high fashion" designers put all the time and effort into these outfits only to have other similarly minded people look at them and go "ooooh ahhhh." It all seems pretty pointless.

  5. Agree with Jessica and Legal Eagle. The technical ability and skill to achieve this are remarkable. But how long will this dress hold this look, i.e., how soon will the holes begin to collapse and the fabric merge with other the layers? Still interesting to look at, if IMO impractical.


  6. I adore this (very old) V & R dress: http://www.ikzalwelgekzijn.nl/ikzalwelgekzijn/blog/VR.html because of the simplicity of the idea and the excellence in presentation. I could see myself wearing that.

    I guess the Swiss dress would be great for a mouse party...


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