19 October 2009

Google has digitized LIFE magazine

It was almost a year ago that Google made available the remarkable photograph archive of LIFE magazine. Ten million photos!

Now they have digitized not just the photographs, but the entire magazine - everything, including all the advertisements, beginning with the first issue in November of 1936, up through the end of 1972. They have also converted the tables of contents and the "story continues on page xyz" directions to links. The above are screenshots of pages from an issue in mid-1946.

Here is the link.

I don't need to warn you that you can expend endless hours exploring these archives. And a reminder that the material is copyrighted, so that use of images should be accompanied by an appropriate acknowledgement of the source.


  1. You might want to add that, although the magazine has been digitized, there is still a copyright on the material. If people wish to use material from the magazine they should- as you and I have done- at the very least give links and credit. I would really hate for the abuse of this material to be used to close this trend. For researchers of the past, opening the archives is little short of a miracle.

  2. Good point. Comment added to main text. Tx.


  3. Damn you!! I have just squandered in excess of two hours skimming just two issues. I now fear that the remainder of my life is forfeit because I must now look at each issue.
    Woe is I.


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