30 October 2009

Astaire and Rogers, dancing cheek-to-cheek

After posting the item below I did a search for "top hat," which of course leads to Fred Astaire. And I realized that for some inexplicable reason I have blogged for almost two years without including an Astaire dancing video. This corrects that oversight. (And I hadn't appreciated until just now the fact that Ginger Rogers does this entire number wearing high heels).

I think I should blog something about top hats - but should it be Astaire? or perhaps that Puttin' on the Ritz parody scene from Young Frankenstein???

Addendum per Mark: "In 2005, Byrne initiated his own internet radio station, Radio David Byrne. Each month, Byrne posts a playlist of music he likes, linked by themes or genres." The current selection list is shown at this link, where you can click for streaming MP3.


  1. In high heels and BACKWARD.

  2. "Sure he was great, but don't forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards . . . and in high heels!"
    -- Bob Thaves 1982 in his Frank and Ernest cartoon

    Also attributed to Linda Ellerbee, Ann Richards, and Faith Whittlesey

    A musical about the life of Rogers, entitled Backwards in High Heels, premiered in Florida in early 2007.

  3. The amazing thing about them is that when they were dancing, they seemed absolutely weightless.

  4. You might appreciate David Byrne radio this month. He's got streaming audio of a bunch of classic standards from the golden age of Hollywood, including this song and others like it (in the Billie Holiday vein).


    Stan - might be worth a link on your blog...


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