27 October 2009

Recent posts at Neatorama

Video of an optical illusion demonstrating the eye's inability to distinguish shades of colors.

The presto movement of the "Summer" concerto from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Performed on an accordion! This is a seriously excellent performance. I know you probably think accordions are for polka, but watch this video. You WILL be impressed.

A 9-year-old child gets marijuana brownies from his mom in order to help control his behavior. Don't pass judgment until you read the cited article.

In the 1920s, horses dove into tanks of water at Atlantic City.

The coral reefs of Fiji have been damaged (bleached). Some people are trying (successfully) to restore them by gardening coral.

Albatrosses are killed when they ingest indigestible plastic debris. Some people don't believe it. The link goes to a gallery of photos of plastic-engorged carcasses on a Pacific island.

The North Koreans excel at mass games.

Don't leave your teeth in a glass of white wine overnight.

How two guys made $100K in a week by selling software for "whatever anyone wanted to pay for it."

The year's best wildlife photograph.

The Hitler/Untergang meme applied to the balloon boy hoax. If you're tired of these derivative videos, skip this one (but it's pretty funny).

A language map of Europe which both Wikipedia writers and Neatorama readers have found lots of faults with. It's useful for appreciating broad patterns as long as you don't agonize over the details.

The colors of the flags of the world - organized into pie charts. Cool or silly, depending on your point of view.

How to repair a railroad track. It involved thermite and some big tools and a lot of skill. Some people don't think it's neat, but I find it oddly fascinating. If I were walking along a railroad track, I'd stop and watch...

For Halloween a drink that looks like brains (and probably tastes dreadful).

The world's smallest model train. Maybe technically not exactly a "train" but you've got to give the guy credit for innovation.

A self-educated young man in Malawi takes local junk and builds working windmills. The world needs more young people like this.

"Not your conventional macaroni salad."

A link where you can look up 50 years' worth of football helmets.

What happens if you put golf ball dimples on the surface of an automobile?

Why teapots dribble - and how to correct the problem. Lotus leaves come to mind...

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  1. I think that the Red Priest himself would have enjoyed that accordion performance!


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