15 October 2009

Columbus Day



  1. Similar cards should commemorate the founding of Israel.

  2. How about any place that the Romans founded....or the Angles, or the Mongolians or .... well you get the point - this is something that has happened throughout history. People migrate and collide and there are winners and losers. I'm ok celebrating the man who had the audacity to set out and find new land and who allowed so many to follow so they could eventually create this great nation.

  3. Anonymous, your point is well taken, but it's also one reason some Americans are reluctant to support the Palestinian cause. If you argue that land should go back to aboriginal people, well that hits a bit close to home in the US and maybe in Australia.

  4. Steve, Columbus didn't set out to find new land in order to create a nation. He was trying to find a route to the Indies (China) so he could get rich trading. Failing that he and his crew abused and murdered the natives of the islands. He was an abysmal administrator who was brought back in chains.

    find a different hero.


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