13 November 2011

"Run for your lives" in the Euro Zone

The media tout the agreements, compromises, and adjustments being made, and the markets celebrate the apparent pending solution to the economic crisis, but Der Spiegel indicates that beneath the surface there is evidence of ongoing turmoil:
"Run for your lives" is the new motto in Europe, and not just among banks and insurance companies, which are selling off southern European bonds as quickly as they can, but also among ordinary holders of savings accounts. Banks and regulatory agencies are noticing that anxious citizens throughout Europe are trying to bring their money to safety. The flight of capital from Italy, Spain and Greece is in full swing.

Since the beginning of the crisis, ordinary Greeks have withdrawn about €50 billion ($69 billion) from their accounts, or a fifth of total deposits. In May, when the first rumors about a possible withdrawal from the euro zone were making the rounds, the Greeks withdrew €1.5 billion from their accounts within 48 hours. And it is no longer just the rich who are moving their money to a safe place. A Greek nun recently closed her convent's bank account, telling the bank employee that she needed the €700,000 in the account for renovations. But when pressed by the bank employee, she finally admitted that she was worried about her order's assets.

Switzerland is a popular safe haven. The Greeks have reportedly deposited about €280 billion in Swiss banks. At the airport in Athens, passengers are often caught leaving the country with upwards of €100,000 in cash, well in excess of the €10,000 limit.

This capital flight has triggered a boom in the European real estate market, especially in Berlin and London, where wealthy Greeks are buying second homes. Knight Frank, a real estate firm, estimates that about €290 million from Greece was invested in London in 2010 alone.
More at the link, including the possible "endgame" for the crisis.


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  2. I hope that is just a crappy transition of subject because it sure reads like:
    And it's not just the RICH who are pulling out their money - why even a near penniless nun with only SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS to her name closed her account as well.

  3. Unless you're trolling, I think you know the "near penniless" is in your imagination, and the proceeds she was withdrawing were those of her order, not her personal funds.


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