31 May 2008

Student denied valedictorian status

Grapevine High School senior Anjali Datta holds the highest grade-point average of the 471 students graduating from Grapevine High School this year. In fact... her GPA of 5.898 may be the highest in the high school's history.

It's still not enough to make her the valedictorian, which brings a one-year college scholarship from the state. Her closest competitor's GPA is 5.64. No one disputes that she's the top student in her class numerically. The problem rests with another number entirely.

Anjali rocketed through high school in only three years.

But a school district policy states: "The valedictorian shall be the eligible student with the highest weighted grade-point average for four years of high school."

(credit to J-Walk)


  1. wow that's just crazy that they would deny someone that is obviously so smart the right to go to college since they were to smart for their high school. I think that they let her. If she has all the classes then let her go to college. People much younger have done it and so why not her?

  2. Noone is denying her the "right to go to college." Instead, the high school is denying her the "valedictorian" title because she finished high school in 3 years.

    By losing the "valedictorian" title she doesn't get a scholarship, but she can still go to college.

  3. It is another one of the old "rules" (laws) that needs to be reasoned with. Obviously people are taking this as a LETTER of the law instead of a spirit of which it is intended.


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