17 May 2008

Mummified woman found - 42 years later...

... in her own apartment.
The mummified remains of a woman have been found sitting in an armchair in front of a black and white TV set 42 years after she was reported missing. Croatian police say Hedviga Golik, then aged 42, had apparently made herself a cup of tea and sat down before dying suddenly.

Neighbours who saw her before she "vanished" in 1966 thought she had left the capital Zagreb. She was eventually reported missing but no one looked in the flat. Police made the grim discovery when they broke in to check the ownership of the tiny apartment.

A police spokesman said: "We have no idea how it is possible someone reported missing so long ago was not found in the apartment she used to live in."
Stories like this crop up on the 'net with sufficient frequency that they are not really that unusual, but it does give one pause. Even granting that she had no friends or family, how could a body remain undetected in a flat? Who paid rent or taxes, or why did no one note or care that such was not being done. For 42 years. I wish I could fit this into some kind of conspiracy theory...

(Story at the Mirror (U.K.) cited in Arbroath this morning)

1 comment:

  1. How credible a conspiracy theory?

    1. Aliens. They always work.
    2. The Govt. had her all along, but only thought it would be good to release her now.
    3. A cult has been brainwashing all the tenants and whatnot who would come looking for her into thinking she was not in there, and that there was no need to check in her apt.

    See? Imagination works. :P


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