29 May 2008

Has everyone gone completely crazy???

"On Monday, Marnina Norys, a Toronto resident... was put through the bureaucratic and culture-of-fear rigmarole while trying to board a place in Kelowna - all because she wore a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a gun (the classic Colt45, and the actual pendant depicted in the above photo)...

First she was told by an agent at security that she couldn't wear it, and that the "replica" would have to go in her carry-on bag. But a second agent who was tasked with searching her carry-on bag found the gun pendant and told her that although harmless (and against all common sense) her gun would have to go in her checked baggage...

"How do you know it wasn't a real gun?" asked Guy, a security agent with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, who also declined to provide his last name.

"Who knows if there is a gun that small that can shoot bullets? You don't know that. They followed the rules."

This silliness serves as just one more reminder - we've lost our ability to embrace logic, and the terrorists have won."


  1. Good heavens. If anyone can successfully hijack a plane with the aid of a necklace (assisted perhaps with a nail file and a pair of tweezers), then I think they deserve to *have* the plane.
    And if the combined staff of a plane cannot overpower a potential hijacker wielding a small pendant, then they're not fit for piloting or aviation hospitality services and should stick to something less taxing, like knitting.
    (Oh, ok, not knitting. They might hurt themselves...).

  2. Knitters carry sharp pointed objects. If they're wood or plastic, however, they are allowed on planes. But they can't be out during take-offs and landings, because they might fly around the cabin and lodge in someone's eye. However, other sharp objects, such as pencils and pens, are okay.

    I think they're making up all these ridiculous rules to keep our attention on TSA while some other agency does some other, and more insidious, damage to the concept of freedom.


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