27 May 2008

Hybrid Car Song

Sung to the tune of "Surrey with the Fringe on Top."
Credit to the National Federation of the Blind.

"Kids and dogs won't know when to scurry.
Silent death arrives in a hurry.
All who walk have reason to worry
'Bout the hybrid car.

We all want to stop the polluting,
Save a lot of gas while commuting.
If they made sound there'd be no disputing
With the hybrid car.

Saving the planet we all hold dear,
Nobody wants to destroy it.
Please make cars pedestrians can hear
'Cause we want to be 'round to enjoy it.

We don't need a noisy vrum-vrumming,
Just a simple audible humming,
So that we can know when you're coming
In a hybrid car.

Then we all can walk with safety on the street
Without fear that we will accident'lly meet
A hybrid car."

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