23 May 2008

More "Car Talk" staff

Continuing the list from yesterday. Full credit to the Car Talk website.

Dental Hygienist
Ginger Vitis

Dermatologist for Teenagers
Don Pickett

Director of Allergy Research
Theresa Pollinating

Director of Alpine Choir
O. Leo Lahey

Director of Cold Weather Starting
Martina Neverturnover

Director of Country Music
Stan Beyerman

Director of Delicate Electronics Repair
Anita Hammer

Director of Firestone Tire Recalls
Ivana Michelin

Director of Luxury Car Horns
Toney Blare

Director of Long-Range Strategic Planning
Kay Sera

Director of Pavlovian Research
Isabelle Ringing

Director of Pedestrian Operations
Carless Castenada

Director of Pollution Control
Maury Missions

Director of Purchasing
Lois Bidder

Director of Speed Bumps
Slow-Me-Down Milosevic

Director of Top Secret Strategy
Donatello Nobatti

Divorce Attorney
Carmine Nottyors

Drug Trials Specialist
Placebo Domingo

East Asian Used Car Expert
Alexander Soldyernissan

Ebay Specialist
Selma Junkoff

Electronics Technician
Sammy Conductor

Elvis Impersonator
Amal Shookup

Emergency Preparedness Director
Ron Lykell

Emissions Tester
Justin Hale

Employee Orientation Specialist
Trudy Gauntlet

Fact Checker
Ella Fynoe

Fashion Consultant
Natalie Attired

French Child Care Coordinator
Gerard Diaperdoo

French Vacation Specialist
April Lynn Parris

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