15 May 2008

A note to readers of TYWKIWDBI

When I set up this blog, I specified that comments would be "moderated" (i.e. emailed to me for approval before posting). In the six months that have passed, I've encountered only one post that was clearly a spammer trying to sell something. So today I've removed the moderating feature - your comments should now appear immediately after you type them; I hope this will facilitate an easier dialogue, especially for controversial items. (I still retain the power to delete comments that are offensive, etc. but I don't plan to delete just because I disagree).

Speaking of comments, to Anonymous who commented on the Loen, Norway entry: if you haven't gone back to the post to check my reply, please do so. I found a bunch of stuff that may help you with your family genealogy studies. Go to THIS LINK and read my replies to your query.

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