12 June 2024

Notice to regular readers

June is the traditional month for graduations, weddings, and family gatherings, and I'm going to honor that tradition by taking several weeks off from blogging.   In my absence I think I've arranged for my favorite group of posts to be reposted - the "readers bookshelves" series that I inaugurated in I think 2013 and have reposted at least once in 2020.  It is the one subsection of TYWKIWDBI that is truly unique, and these are the posts that I most enjoy.  I'm hoping this reposting will give new readers a chance to see what the old-timers lives were like.  I am willing to accept new material for the series (or updates from the old-timers), and there should be some guidelines accompanying the first post of the series.  It might be best to refrain from sending lots of pix while I'm gone because they might overload my emailbox (which only has a capacity of 100 MB).

The other aspect of my vacation from blogging is that your comments (on old posts or the new ones) will probably not be curated until I get back to my desk, so don't interpret silence as rejection.  I'm looking forward to getting up and walking around and actually talking to people and seeing what this thing people call "real life" is like.  Bye for now.  Stan.

Addendum:  the “readers bookshelves” reposts are not posting.  Thought I had them scheduled for this week.  Not sure what’s wrong.  Expect silence on the blog a few more days.

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