30 December 2020

Dumpsterkitty's bookshelves

"I need to start with the humblest shelf-the corner one in my bedroom [right photo]. When you first started this thread, Stan, I knew I had to participate… you pointed out your Agatha Christies... mine are on the second shelf. This one holds many of my well-loved paperbacks, 2 shelves are 2 deep. I must re-read some…I was wondering where In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall had gone.

The bedside table [top] holds the Harry Potter collection. I finished my last re-read about 6 months ago so they need to rest for a while. Birds, giant pandas, Craftsman homes…all subjects for a little light reading when sleep won’t come.

My late husband and I built the double bookcase in the living room. The American Brilliant cut glass was a passion we shared. The top right books are his… his textbooks sharing space with Dante, Homer, Hawking, and Einstein. I guess it’s a bit of a memorial shelf…the canisters are the ashes of my cats Nub and Inky. Next down are the collecting and handy-person works.

Of the rest I’ll just note where I find myself reaching over and over again…Isabel Allende, birds, Sherlock Holmes, needlework, Tolkein, Angela’s Ashes, Memoirs of a Geisha, Tutankhamun on many covers, Gone With the Wind, Imperial Woman by Pearl S. Buck.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my world with all of you…"


  1. Gasp! Another lover of Gustav Stickley!

    1. Greene & Greene too...

      Amazing the common threads we find here...

  2. Gasp! Two other lovers of Stickley! And another Greene & Greene fan! if i'd taken a better picture, you'd find both on my D-handle bookshelf.

  3. And on the bottom right shelf, the very same Holmes compendium (publisher's price $4.95 on the book jacket!) that I will give a goodbye-read to after I finish the Henry Merrivale mysteries.


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