28 December 2020

Adrian's bookcase

"Just showing what's on my main bookshelf at the end of 2012. Not every title is legible, but it's the best of several takes. There's one more shelf underneath (containing textbooks and magazines) which I chose not to include.
Happy to answer any questions."
p.s. - a video like this is a quick way to create documentation for insurance purposes in case of fire, flood, tornado, or other biblioholocaust.

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  1. Comments for the 2018 repost:

    I have, of course, purchased and read a number of books since this was recorded. Worthy of special note is "The Memory Code" by Lynne Kelly. I've also bought some books on gender/sexuality themes, one of which I read a year ago and two of which I have with me for holiday reading. (For more details, feel free to ask.)


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