02 January 2021

Peter Meitzler's bookcase

"It was almost 2 ½ years ago that our 2-unit apartment building was sold and the new owners immediately gave us a 30-day eviction notice so they could proceed with their plans for turning the building into a single-family dwelling. The upshot is we quickly threw everything we owned into a storage unit and embarked on what is now a series of year long temporary arrangements that amount to renting/caretaking furnished houses while their owners are away on adventures.

This has meant being mostly cut off from my considerable collection of books (and much else). I visit them on occasion at the storage unit and have kept a selection with me, mostly books that are on my “want to read” list or books that I like to have available for reference (primarily gardening and native flora and fauna books). Consequently, I am trying to squeeze as much into one small bookcase as possible, which is fine, but I also notice piles of books growing in various corners of the cottage in which we are currently living. It has been interesting to discover which books I want with me while also learning to appreciate the many books that are packed in boxes in that cold, dark storage unit located in another town. It is not out of sight, out of mind. It is more a comfort knowing that they are there waiting for a reunion, with the hopeful realization of my dream of one day having a room lined with bookshelves filled with all those books."

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