28 December 2020

Nolandda's bookcases

Right bookshelf - more "serious" (i.e. pretentious) stuff
  • Right bookcase, top shelf right : Only surviving photo of my maternal grandparent's wedding.
  • Right bookcase, top shelf left : A photo of my paternal grandparent's wedding.
  • Right bookcase, 2nd shelf from the top : literature. Here some mingling of my lovely and brilliant wife's books is evident.
  • Right bookcase, 3nd shelf from the top : Philosophy, religion, etc
  • Right bookcase, 4th shelf from the top : Languages (German, Spanish, Latin), travel guides, photo of vacation in Puerto Vallarta
  • Right bookcase, 5th shelf from the top : Some non-fiction and Tolkien for some reason. A telegraph sounder I picked up at an antique store for 20 USD. Photo of wife's grandfather.
  • Right bookcase, 2nd shelf from bottom : photos of wife's family, fossilized trilobite.
  • Right bookcase, bottom shelf : Textbooks that might be useful as reference some day. Here the wife's neurology / psychology books have begun to creep in from the right.
·  Left shelf - More guilty pleasures:
  • Left bookcase, top shelf : Mostly general si-fi. Other misc stuff. Notebook used to record borrowing from my shelves.
  • Left bookcase, 2nd shelf from top : Marcus Didius Falco series (Lindsey Davis), Harry Potter series (J.K. Rowling)
  • Left bookcase, 2nd shelf from bottom : Misc books, stack of dense European Literature left by Dutch exchange student
  • Left bookcase, bottom shelf : Graphic novels / comics
·  Of course the Dungeons & Dragons stuff has its own bookcase in the back (with the board games) where it isn't immediately visible to visitors as these shelves in the parlor are.

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