23 June 2024

Hundewanderer's bookshelves

Hello from the Sunny Southwest - Arizona.

The photo shows a portion of our bookcase. At the top are stuffed animals from my daughter and son's childhood with a few cherished family photos.

On the center shelf are 1-1/2 rows of random books I intend to read. With few exception, I tend to donate my books after I've read them. I enjoy historical fiction and books in a series.

On the bottom shelf are books in a series by Clive Cussler that I'm collecting and saving for "someday" after all the other books have been read. The black/tan German Shepherd stuffed dog was a gift (I have a German Shepherd dog), and the red dog has traveled the US with me as I chase helicopters for work. The two pieces of pottery (1 green and 1 tan) were hand made by my late cousin. The wooly lamb was a gift from a dear friend living in the UK.

I'm currently reading "Shogun" by James Clavell.

Best wishes from Hundewanderer.
Lots of photos of Hundewanderer's dogs at her website, and some clarification about her "chasing helicopters" here.


  1. Is that Kokopelli sitting on a book next to your photos? Those pots your cousin made are lovely.

  2. Shogun is one of my favorite books! Wish I could find more like it.

    1. I've not read Shogun, but you might want to consider this book -


      It's also set in Japan (18th century rather than 16th, though).


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