29 December 2020

Cathy M's repurposed-cabinet DIY bookcases

"I adapted some unfinished cabinets that I bought at a big box store. I ripped the provided shelf in half lengthwise and then built small bookshelves to hold paperbacks and attached them to the doors. This way I can stuff more paperbacks in a small space then close the door for a neater look and keep the dust off the books. I have three of these. "
I then built a computer desk to fit the space left on the wall with the cabinets so everything fits together. You can see my monitor screen in one picture with TYWKIWDBI on screen. It's fun seeing all the different ways people keep and display their books."


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. It was trial and error on size and attachment of the shelves to the doors. Thankfully, all that's hidden when the doors are closed. :)


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