20 June 2024

Capewood's bookcase

"I actually built this beast myself about 30 years ago to consolidate my books. Some of the dimensions were specifically for my Encyclopedia Britannica. Since then I've also added Encyclopedia Britannica year books, I have most of them back to my birth year in 1951.It now contains most of my hardback collection and odd-sized books. Lots of atlases, a shelf of religious books, my leather bound Lord of the Rings, and Science Fiction Book Club of the month selections from the late 1960s. Plus knick-knacks. This lot represents a bit less than half of the books I currently own."


  1. Do you sometimes sit down to look something up in the encyclopedia and find the time slips by as you notice interesting entries that catch your attention?

  2. Do you still use your encyclopedia or do you find yourself looking up stuff online instead? I have always wanted Worldbook encyclopedia because of their wonderful photography, but now I wonder if I wouldn't just look for photos online instead...


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