01 January 2021

A "crèche" of Penguins

A portion of the 2000-volume personal library of Karyn Reeves, who writes "A Penguin a Week."  She has an excellent blog; if you share her enthusiasm, there is a Penguin Collectors Society.

And I can't resist contrasting her bookshelves with this stack on a wall (original credit unknown) posted at Book Porn:

Karyn is not to my knowledge a reader of TYWKIWDBI, but I wanted to pay tribute to her collection in this category of the blog [sadly, her blog seems not to be accruing any new posts, though the old ones remain up].


  1. Great series....I've enjoyed it, and the stories that accompany, very much!

  2. I sense a spinoff opportunity. ;)

  3. Oh, PLEASE continue the bookshelves series as well as the regular stuff when you can. I do so think it is marvelously spiffy!

  4. That second bookshelf picture actually makes me feel anxious! How could you remove a lower volume without destabilizing the whole stack? It's like some kind of nerve racking book jenga.


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