29 December 2020

Hogie's bookcase

"I was inspired by Nolandda's bookcases to submit one of mine. I was actually more curious about the bookcase he mentioned that wasn't there - the one with the D&D books and boardgames.

About a year ago we converted our living room into a 'board game room', and this is one of the shelves I have set up storing some of my board games. I was fortunate to work with a colleague years ago who had a zeal for board games. These weren't the same board games I grew up with, but more recently designed games he called 'Euro' board games. These types of games reward smart play, engage everyone, and have clever game mechanisms. I've been hooked ever since.

The best thing about these games are the memorable experiences they create and I'm glad to hear that these types of games have become more popular in the past few years. It's my hope that people will unplug more from their electronic devices and have some more real face time through these games.

A few games that you may find interesting: Campaign Manager 2008, a 2 player game based on the 2008 US election. Pandemic, a co-operative game where you work together as a group to find cures for spreading diseases around the world. T'zolkin, the Mayan Calender, a 'worker placement' type game that has multiple gears that rotate throughout the game. Power Grid is my personal favourite, an economic game that has a bit of everything. A worthy successor to Monopoly!"


  1. Thank you for the hints! I was trying to find something to take to the beach and play on the rainy days.


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