27 December 2020

Zhoen's bookcases

"These are our bookshelves. Best part about our house over the last year and a half we've lived here, is not needing our old make-shift bookcases. So nice to think, "hey, maybe we need more books!"

"As for the books, I'll let them speak for themselves."


  1. @Zhoen: The only books I recognise are the Terry Pratchett ones, but I have a feeling I'd recognise more if all the titles were in focus. (Oh, and I also see Deeper Meaning of Liff, which I've thumbed through in bookstores but not read.) It particularly pleases me to see that you too have a copy of Once More With Footnotes.

    (BTW, I've linked to this entire series in my most recent blog post, published this evening.)


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