31 December 2020

Eric's bookcases

"Three shots of my collection. Two views are necessary to show the 35+ year pile of (mostly) paperbacks I have amassed. I have read all but the top three shelves in the right-hand photo. Those are the 10-year backlog of Unread Books....

The bottom three shelves are "non-science-fiction" titles... mostly detective and adventure/thriller types. All the rest are of the general category of Science Fiction & Fantasy. Regrettably, with the advent of the Internet, my book reading has greatly slowed. Too many Salted Peanuts online...!
The third picture is of my shelves of old reference and history. Might as well keep my 1980 Britannica; the InterT00b might go out, and I will want to look up Amphibia... Also shown: (tan and red) Science and Invention set. Lower level left- (dark blue) The Story of the Great War; right- (green with gold lettering) 1927 History of Nations. A few other items... circa 1900 Unabridged dictionary ... some Fringe Science / Fringe Technology publications... maps and atlases... Do I get a frosted cupcake from the Greek bakery for my Horrendous pile?"

1 comment:

  1. Please give us your best sci-fi picks! Especially recent sci-fi. Reading my first Iain Banks now! Also enjoy Peter Hamilton.


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