19 June 2024

David's bookshelves

I have one entire bedroom plus my dining area dedicated to some fifteen bookshelves. My large library has always been an integral and important part of my life and identity.

Instead of wide photos of lots of shelves, here are some pics of my “Special Bookshelf” containing books I’ve had the privilege of having signed by the authors. Most of these are science-fiction novels and some are from famous authors that have now passed on, including L. Sprague de Camp, Roger Zelazny, and Jack Williamson, or from once obscure but now well-known guys like George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones). I interviewed most of these folks back in the ‘80s for a nationally syndicated radio show I co-produced, so most of these were personal signatures.

I also treasure several signed books on shamanism, alternative history, and visionary art from my friends, author Graham Hancock and artist Alex Grey. I’m including a pic of one of the books signed by Golden Age science-fiction author, L. Sprague de Camp and his wife Catherine. At the time I met them, he owned the Conan the Barbarian stories of Robert E. Howard and I got to go along to Cross Plains, Texas while they interviewed people who knew Howard back in the ‘30s.

 Of all my possessions, I think I’d grab these signed books right after rescuing the family photos if there was some disaster.


  1. I'd love to know what that psychedelic book at the back is - the one with the human head on it.

  2. @Miss Wired: That one is "Sacred Mirrors - The Visionary Art of Alex Grey." Alex and Allyson Grey are well-known visionary artists from New York. Alex's work is often about the human body and its psychic connections to the spiritual dimensions and energies. Highly recommended.
    I got to spend some time with them a couple of years ago. They are friendly and engaging, full of wonderfully challenging ideas. Their website is at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors:


    - David Crews

  3. David, I love your collection of books, and your statement regarding saving the signed editions right after the photos in case of disaster. Especially wonderful is your connection to each signed edition from your interview days. Signed editions are more important to me than first editions, because I feel there is something magical in knowing that the book I an reading has been handled by the author who created the wonderful world that I am immersed in.

    1. Totally agree! It's a very special personal connection. Thanks for the comment.


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