26 June 2024

Mistress Harley's bookshelves

"So obviously I'm an adult content producer, not that you'll find anything having to do with my business in my bookshelves. I'm an avid reader of everything from comedic fiction, to comic books, to sociology, history, and religion to name a few.

What I love about my shelves is that they combine everything I love- antique volumes sit next to signed copies of the funniest things I've read, the Histories of Studs Terkel nuzzle up to the Tin Tin comic books of the late 80s.

What most people would never assume about me is that I have a Masters in Library Science, I think my shelves say "Librarian" way more than they say anything else..."
Mistress Harley's blog is here.


  1. Shelfies is 100% my favorite internet trend right now! Thanks for sharing my bookcase!

  2. > Tin Tin comic books of the late 80s.

    I don't think those were from the 80's unless you mean when your copies were printed?



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