21 February 2010


Crimethinc describes itself as a "decentralized anarchist collective" for "shoplifters, rioters, dropouts, deserters, adulterers, vandals, daydreamers."  Until today I didn't know the organization existed.  One presumes they are active in the street protests against The New World Order at political conventions, world trade and finance meetings, etc.

The information on their poster above may or may not be valid.  I would welcome comments and any corrections to its content.

Via Darker Me.

Addendum:  I just remember that I posted a related video several months ago:  "Why You Shouldn't Talk to the Police."  It was mostly about traffic violations etc., but was quite informative.

Second addendum:  "The 10 legal commandments of photography" - advice re when and where photography of the public/in public places/of buildings etc. is permitted/forbidden.  Somewhat abbreviated, but with links to other relevant sites.


  1. All the information provided in the flier is correct and is the same information given the many "Copwatch" organizations who do their best to police the police.

    The only one that has many stipulations is the "right to observe what police are doing." You do have that right, but the police also have the right to ask you to move, and they will for their own safety purposes.

    When I was at the 2004 RNC the police kept making us (journalists with credentials and large video cameras) move back for "safety purposes." They then proceeded to bring in the mounted units and the next time we saw the protesters whose story we were following they were bloody with broken noses and missing teeth.

    So all of it is legal, but most of it is inadvisable. Especially the refusal to consent to a search as there are many police officers who will keep a hold of you until they can get themselves the proper warrant to perform the search.

  2. About 45 years ago, my lawyer told me the same things as this poster. He added that I should never submit to a polygraph test since they are legally inadmissible.

    OT: One other thing, he said that if the IRS told me to come to their office at such-and-such a time, I was to change the time no matter what, even if their time was convenient. He also said that he would represent me for no cost against the IRS. I guess that an old bachelor lawyer has to pay a lot of tax.

  3. Why change the time of an appointment? Just as a nuisance factor, or psych advantage, or is there something strategic at stake?

  4. Crimethinc is pretty spot on, they thoroughly research any info they hand out, and have a fantastic book called Day of War, Nights of Love.
    They don't really bother with demos, people who read their books might. But they tend to be better informed than just general anti NWO folks.

  5. Mostly wise advice.

    The police are not your friends

  6. hardly a definitive source but according to: http://www.cracked.com/article_18385_7-bullshit-police-myths-everyone-believes-thanks-to-movies.html

    The police do not have to read you your rights: "It's instead a warning for people who are about to be interrogated."

  7. For the most part. The Police are indeed your friend.
    Don't let the rare rogue cop give the rest a bad name.

  8. The VAST majority of police officers in the US are good people of upstanding character. There are the bad ones, though. Beyond that, there are some bad laws that contradict Constitutional rights if you're not on your toes.

    Everything in that graphic is essentially correct. I would also add that the police have no duty to tell the truth. They tell you that must tell the truth if they're asking questions (and indeed, it is illegal to make incorrect statement, knowingly or not), but they have no such requirement.

    If available, I would highly recommend that anyone living within a jurisdiction that offers any kind of public-police interface class take it. You get a chance to get to know your locale, and the way that your local agency works. In my city, our police department has a Citizens Police Academy, which was a real eye opener for both good and questionable practices.

  9. The part about not needing an ID is correct, but post-PATRIOT act, many (but not all) states allow police officers to bring individuals in to the station to confirm identity if there is any question on the issue, particularly by either refusing to state a name or by giving what police believe to be a false name. While being trained by the NLG to being a green hat, we were instructed to bring ID and recommend others to bring ID or, if requested, identify themselves by their real name immediately, because it would be one justification less for police to remove someone from a protest.

    Also, as an attorney, saying that "most of it is inadvisable" is not true. The advice on here is spot on.

  10. Crimethinc. isn't a group of people somewhere we will never meet, who write books and run a website. they are all of us whoever stole office supplies for propaganda, helped a stranger in need, or quit his job. anyone who strikes a blow against the old world of selfish thought and consumerism is part of Crimethinc. Rise up, be yourself.


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